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Kim Kelly Overweight Porn Star goes on "all semen" diet

Kim Kelly, a rather overweight porn star, made the headlines this week when she announced that she intends to lose 20lbs of excess flab in only a month by embarking on a rather unusual diet. Yes folks, the Santa Monica-based "actress" is attempting to lose weight by guzzling down a diet consisting largely of semen -- or as she prefers to call it, "man juice."


Photo 1: Britney Spears who recently lost over 7lbs on her "all semen diet" is seen here in her notorious 2003 "Got Sperm?" commercial


Photo 2: Kim Kelly , the overweight porn star, seen here doing her best impression of a "Sperm" Whale.

It may be hard to swallow for some but Kim Kelly is planning on gulping down at least six square meals a day -- with occasional pig-outs.

(The guys here at the Daily Happy Pill are definitely going to suggest this diet to our girlfriends!)

So far, more than 1000 men have offered to help Kelly with her food supply and she is currently busy screening applicants for all STD's (except for "crabs").

When asked by our Daily Happy Piller why she was planning to allow "crab-infected" males to contribute to her meals she simply replied, "Well, my mother always told me that seafood is good for you".

Nutrition experts agree that "man juice" is high in zinc and other nutrients, but strangely enough there's no officially recommended daily allowance for the substance. But luckily for us males, Ms Kelly is not alone in her belief in the benefits of guzzling down a pint or two of fresh sperm each day.

Britney Spears for example, recently began her "all-sperm" diet after noticing that she had been putting on weight for the last nine months or so, particularly around her stomach area.

The professional air head told reporters that since March, she had begun enjoying three meals a day - fresh from the container and then suddenly, last month - she lost over 7lbs in one night!

So ladies, does swallowing down an all "man-juice" diet really work?

The guys at the Daily Happy Pill think so. After all, Monica Lewinsky is infamous for not swallowing her 'medicine' - and just look at the state of her nowadays!

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